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Kamila Kaca is a graduate of an art school in Poland. Kaca is a successful artist whose work has been the subject of numerous solo exhibitions. This amazing colourist, portraitist and tattoo designer is recognised in both Poland and Ireland. Besides gaining valuable experience in Poland, she was trained by the best international art teachers and professionals who helped her master diverse techniques and methods.


The outcome of her hard work was extremely impressive and eventually earned her a Linergist Licence.Thanks to her outstanding designer skills, she was able to create her own Eyebrows technique, mainly by introducing various colours and shadings as well by adding specific speeds and pressure to the machine. Her innovative method has resulted in true masterpieces.Kamila’s work ethic, dedication and undeniable professionalism helped her establish a great reputation among the best artists in her field as well as among a wide group of satisfied and grateful clients.

Kamila is an official distributor of BIOTEK for the whole of Ireland. Her talent earned her recognition of the biggest and most successful PMU companies and producers, including BIOTEK. Being their distributor, her ultimate goal is to share her love for the high-quality BIOTEK products across Ireland.As a top PMU trainer, she receives numerous invitations to judge the biggest permanent make up competitions and speak at international PMU events.

Kamila Kaca artpmu


Aldona Pater - PMU Technician / Linergist, who with engineering precision is able to create perfectly shaped eyebrows and eyeliner while performing permanent make -up procedures. She specializes in eyeliner micropigmentation and she's one of the first linergist in Ireland to offer a shaded effect, the so-called smokey eyeliner. She has gained her skills during numerous training courses all over Europe.


However, he greatest knowledge and abilities come from working with her master, kamila Kaca, who allows her to further develop and learn the secrets of permanent make -up on a daily basis. Aldona follows the work of other highly regarded PMU artists with great passion and respect in order to acquire know - how necessary to satisfy individual client needs. Aldona has been interested in achieving a beautiful and feminine look for years. She's also a qualified nail stylist, trusted and appreciated by her clients.

Aldona Pater artpmu