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Dynamic professionals

The MAESTRO console is designed for you who have a chaotic life.

Do you skilfully realize permanent makeup, medical, tricopigmentation and vitiligo treatments?
You need a specific equipment which can perform each of these treatments.

With MAESTRO you optimize space and investment, without ever giving up the quality typical of Biotek products.

By choosing MAESTRO you will immediately have 2 handpieces available to allow you to face all the permanent makeup techniques.

At Biotek we want to leave you free to choose and that's why we will equip your MAESTRO console with all the programs to make eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, paramedical treatments, scalp pigmentation, vitiligo and camouflage. And you can add later the bioneedling program with the purchase of the dedicated handpiece.

Now the choice is in your hands!

Stilus EVO is the most sophisticated dermograph with the highest performances across the range of Biotek Permanent Make-up devices. Easy to handle and to use, it is designed to assure versatility to professionals, giving more dynamism and flexibility,adapting to every manuality. The combination of technology, high-tech materials, compact size and lightness make Stilus EVO unique.

Thanks to the display and multifunction menu, which allows a wide range of configurations, Stilus EVO guarantees always the right answer. The digital menu will guide you among various applications optimizing specific functions for both permanent make-up and medical procedures.

Powerful, but at the same time gentle on the skin, it guarantees easy color deposit and perfect duration.





Pratika machine is the ideal equipment for those looking for the best price/performance ratio. It’s an extremely flexible dermograph, easy to lead. Thanks to its soft and precise strokes, it’s ideal as first equipment for beginners, but at the same time, it meets the needs of many professionals in the field.

Pratika Machine is combined with a compact and elegant electronic console. The digital display and the simple and intuitive keyboard, allows the regulation of the speed function in a manual mode, according to the treatment in progress.

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