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Fineline Tottoo Workshop

1 Day course   |  €850 Deposit: €400  |  Lunch included

Learn and master one of last year's most fashionable styles: the fine line. With our intensive 1 day course, you will learn the technique that will allow you to become a specialist in this style, hand in hand with great professionals. In this course, you will learn how to take the machine techniques you know and love with permanent makeup and transition them confidently into creating Fine Line Tiny Tattoos.

Characteristics of the course


You will learn the correct technique to make fine line, minimalist tattoos, without the ink exploding or migrating into the skin. You will master the RL needle, and with it, the line and the shading, creating smooth and elegant textures and movements. You will have the best materials to perform the fine line technique. You'll learn how to make flawless fine lines and smooth, elegant shadows. 
You will have a fully-equipped classroom for your use.

Whats covered:



  • Anatomy of the skin

  • Tools, supplies & workspace

  • Sanitation

  • Knowing your machine

  • Understanding needles

  • Practise skins

  • Learning about tattoo ink

  • Making the design

  • Making a stencil

  • Preparing the skin

  • Tattoo procedure

  • Aftercare


9.50 am Registration
​10 am - 12:00 Theory and presentation
​12:00 - 1:30pm work on practice skin 
1.30 pm - 2 pm Lunch
​2 pm - 5pm Work on live model by students
​5 pm - Certification 


  • Every student will be providing tattoo on model ​

  • PMU (cosmetic tattoo) a prerequisite to complete this course or you must have a certificate in infection control.  

  • English must be well spoken & can understand clearly is necessary 

  • Must be over 18 to enrol in this course


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