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SKU: E641A




The Kit contains: 
• Stilus Evo Machine 
• Digital Console 
• Power Supply 115-230 V 
• On-off Pedal 
• Connecting cable 
• Magnetic machine support 
• Use and maintenance manual 
• 12 months international warranty 
• CE Certification.
Supplied in a black standard case.

Stilus EVO is the most sophisticated dermograph with the highest performances across the range of Biotek Permanent Make-up devices. Easy to handle and to use, it is designed to assure versatility to professionals, giving more dynamism and flexibility, adapting to every manuality. The combination of technology, high-tech materials, compact size and lightness make Stilus EVO unique. Thanks to the display and multifunction menu, which allows a wide range of configurations, Stilus EVO guarantees always the right answer.The digital menu will guide you among various applications optimizing specific functions for both permanent make-up and medical procedures.

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